Monday, 7 February 2011

Garden Gnomes Part 2

My yesterday post was all about gnomes from a site called therefore today i will do a post about my own Gnomes!

This is my first EVER Gnome: 
His name is Gavin. His hobby is to find food (especially fish from the Garden Lake) for the other Gnomes. As you can see he is holding his rod because it is his favorite rod and he always catches something with it!

Here is my SECOND EVER Gnome:
His name is Gareth. His hobbie is too dig up all thoose horrible weeds, he refers to them as "horrible nasty things, they are!".
There are not many i have collected but i just started, so thank you for looking.


Househund said...

Good luck with your gnome collection Charlie..
I really like Gareth
How about a picture of your new glasses?

naomi xxx said...

ooooo so u have started ur collection then???? like them very much xxx have u seen gnomeo and juliet yet???? will have to keep an eye out for some gnomes for you if i see any xxx keep on blogging, how about one of those photo stories you did with toy story figures with the gnomes??????