Thursday, 10 March 2011

Woodland Wilf

Found a collection of Gnomes called woodland wilf,

How cool, you can find them on ebay, amazon and their website.

Sorry haven't done a post in a while cause was ill holidays and now there's school.


Househund said...

I think my favorite one out of this group ... is the Gnome carring the water buckets
He's so cute.

I love to see you use your great drawing skills Charlie.. and draw me some Gnomes ;O)

C B Wright said...

Thank you so much for Gnome card, i love it! I love that Gnome too. I think im going to put that card on next blog post. = )

Lorna May said...

I like the one under the mushroom best (I actually like the one carrying water best but feeel sorry for the others :o)

Great post Charlie.

Househund said...

Glad you liked it Charlie :o)