Monday, 25 April 2011

My Gnomes !

This is Gavin.
No one knows his age ... he keeps that a secret!
He is a loveable Garden Gnome who knows his way around the Garden.
He knows the name of every plant he sees and can tell you step by step how to keep your plants alive.
This is Gilbert.
He is the shyest out of my Gnomes!
He love's sitting in the grass (he say's it tickles his feet and bottom hehe).
He looks quite old but is actually the youngest of my Gnomes!

This is Gareth.
His hobby is digging up all thoose horrible weeds,
he refers to them as "horrible nasty things, they are!".

These Three Cheeky chappies are Gary, Giles and George.
They cause alot of mischief but are very fun and friendly.

So these are my Gnomes.
Thank you for looking at my blog - Charlie

1 comment:

naomi xx said...

avin is my favourite!!!!!he looks like a cool gnome!!!!
so you've made a good start on ur gnome collection???? will they be taking over the garden soon?????
we have 1 gnome in our garden, a gnome that i think u have forgot to mention on past posts,gordan the garden gnome from cbeebies!!!!!!!!! he is a little bit faded now but i like him, its just his age and he cant help it, poor gordan :-(love ur collection tho charlie very cool...keep us updating with any more additions you get x