Saturday, 4 August 2012

Im Back!!!!

Charlies Chit-Chat is Back!

Its the 6 weeks holiday, and Im so pleased. Anyone doing anything exciting? Well I sure am, we are having lots of fun days out. So far we have been 'Cadburys World' , 'Dudley Zoo' , 'Hunstaton Seaside!' , 'Cinema' , 'Kirby Hall' and they have all been fantastic and wonderful place to visit.

Thats a few photos for you to see. Can't wait for more activites to come in the next couple of weeks.
Thats all for now, Ill speak to you soon. :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Well Done Mum!

This is to say a big Well Done to my wonderful Mother and her Crafty buisness {Dab and a Dash} for a productive craft fair yesterday!
Lots of people were very interested in her stall and most bought a notebook or a Keyring!
The highlight for me though is my new buy: His name is Herbert and he is one cuddly Monster! Herbert was made by 'Keeley 13'.
Check her page out...!/Keeleymonster.  
Here he is...

Isn't he Monsterous!

So back to Dab and a Dash... Check out her page and why not treat yourself....


Go on give them a peep.....

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Goodbye St.Edwards, Hello Latimer Arts.

In Septemeber, same as everyone else, it was a new school year or even a NEW school! I have done both.
I have said my goodbyes to St.Edwards Primary after lots of happy memories and hello to Latimer Arts College to make many more happy memories!
Here are some Photos of my memories at St.Edwards and my new ones at Latimer so far:

St.Edwards Memories:

Wales with my two best friends from Primary.

Last School Disco.

The Chicks we hatched in Year 5.
Latimer Memories

African Drumming

Me and my friend TJ on Ronald Dahl Day.

So thats it, I'll keep you posted with my future memories.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Well Done Starlight Seniors!

A BIG well done to the Starlight Dance Seniors with their first Debut dance music video!

Check it Out:

New Year, New Start!!!

Happy New Year everyone!
So it's a New Year, so it's a New Start!!!
My NEW start is a change to my blog ... it will now be all about me, my Hobbies, my likes not just my Gnomes ... but everything about me!

                                 So a little bit about me:
             *I dance and act at my Uncles AMAZING Dance School

                                       *Starlight Dance*


                                 *I have one Little Brother
                                          Alfie James 
                                 who I LOVE soooo much!


                                      *I have one Pet.
                                        He is a rabbit 
                                        called George.