Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Start!!!

Happy New Year everyone!
So it's a New Year, so it's a New Start!!!
My NEW start is a change to my blog ... it will now be all about me, my Hobbies, my likes not just my Gnomes ... but everything about me!

                                 So a little bit about me:
             *I dance and act at my Uncles AMAZING Dance School

                                       *Starlight Dance*


                                 *I have one Little Brother
                                          Alfie James 
                                 who I LOVE soooo much!


                                      *I have one Pet.
                                        He is a rabbit 
                                        called George.




Househund said...

George is looking as handsome as ever...
and Alfie as cute.
But no photo of you Charlie!

Happy New Year

Lorna May said...

Happy new year...very cute bunny and even cuter brother :o)))

naomi x said...

hello charlie, im glad your blogging again :0) look at alfies little face, ho could anyone not love him???? so come on then what else do you like appart from gnomes???