Thursday, 17 June 2010

going back

Just a quicky; in year R the teacher let us take home for a few nights a teddy called Bert bear.
Heres a pic:

To prove that it was special everyone took extra special care.
Thats all, got to go.

see ya's.


Lorna May said...

I remember you took Bert to PCworld and he got stuck behind a display (naughty bear), also how you went to friends houses for tea on the days they had Bertnso you saw him lots.
Good memories XXX

Househund said...

Nice Bear Charlie...
Hope you've now had your French Picnic and your teacher is well.
A french choir will be visiting us soon... our choir twins with them.. and they will soon be given a concert in out local church.
They do like to sing.. sometimes it's hard to keep them quiet !!!!