Monday, 26 July 2010

he's wearing shoes

Alfie never wears shoes or socks. But mum put a pair on to see how they fit and i don't know if he liked them or not cause he would walk along and just stamped his feet.

They are my cousins old size 3and a half and he just fits them.
In other news: i have 5 weeks off school then into year 6 (scary)
No more news sadly, but im sure i'll have some later :O)


Lorna May said...

The top photo is so cute, makes his feet look tiny.
He was funny wasn't he, wouldn't put feet to the floor :)

Househund said...

Hi Charlie...Lot the post of Alfie in his shoes.
5 weeks sounds like an long time to be off school. But it will fly by.
I know your going to be fine in Year 6 and don't worry cause everyone will be just a little scared.. it's allowed.
Looking forward to your next post!