Thursday, 18 February 2010

paterns on the computer

These are some pics that I done on the computer. I spent ages doing this but it was worth it.
I used the paint programe.

In other news yesterday we went to my cousins and I really enjoyed it.
Also my cousin Declan was 7 on monday and he had a happy birthday.
Played on the Wii with him.
My cousin Daniel arm is still in plaster (poor him).

It's snowing here today I have got some pics which I will put on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hello Charlie

Isn't the snow fanstatic? i am looking forward to seeing your pictures when you post them on your blog.

I am off to watch the X factor tonight with my 2 friends Caroline and Natalie.

Enjoy your day and weekend - bet you are not looking forward to going back to school on monday!!!!

Take Care hope to see you and Alfie very soon.

Lots of Love Auntie Toni xx

Househund said...

Wow Charlie.. I didn't realise you liked to use Paint on the computer and with such fantastic results.
This is a great way of using your computer skills.
Can't wait to see more of these designs...
Great Stuff

naomi xxx said...

cool patterns charlie!!!!
im glad you enjoyed coming over, declan and daniel enjoyed you being here!!!!!
hope you have enjoyed the rest of your half term, daniel will be starting playschool on monday : )
we had lots of snow here too, we made a snowman and a snowdog!!!!
i will look forward to seeing your pics on here of your fun in the snow xxxxx

uncle ed said...

Auntie Tonie??? one sister is bad enough. LOL only joking hope you are ok toni.

Been following your blog from the start charlie, been a bit quiet since sunday?? I understand, take a while to open all them valentine cards does'nt it?? HA HA HE HE lol.

Good to see you the other day, anyway got a new joke for you:

Why could the bike not stand on its own??
Because it was two tired??
or what about this one??

At a remote monastery deep in the woods, the monks followed a rigid vow of silence. This vow could only be broken once a year on Christmas, by one monk, and the monk could speak only one sentence.

One Christmas, Brother Thomas had his turn to speak and said, "I love the delightful mashed potatoes we have every year with the Christmas roast!" Then he sat down. Silence ensued for 365 days.

The next Christmas, Brother Michael got his turn, and said, "I think the mashed potatoes are lumpy and I truly despise them!" Once again, silence ensued for 365 days.

The following Christmas, Brother Paul rose and said, "I am fed up with this constant bickering!"

i know dont give up the day job (it the first one ive kept for longer than a year)

ill keep reading your blogg and good luck with the starting of school soon

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweetie

Your snow pictures are fab, you look like you are having great fun with your Dad!!!

Love Alfie's painting bet Mum was pleased with the mess!!! LOL

I'm well Edward thanks, hope you are too, have heard lots about the kids they sound great!!!

Hope your first day back at school wasn't too bad Charlie bet you enjoyed walking in the snow.

See you soon darling.

Love you lots

Auntie Toni xx