Wednesday, 10 February 2010

something i did not mention

The thing i forgot was that we have WII. We have seventeen games for it and the BBC IPLAYER. We also have some characters called mii's. Dad was getting annonyed cos our characters did not look like us. And if you have a wii you are very lucky. We got this as a family Christmas present.


Househund said...

Oh Wow your very lucky having a Wii... We also have one and my favorite game is the wii sports. What your favorite game?

Kaylee said...

Cool Wii Charlie!, I have a white one but i like the black one better! My Favourite game is Guitar Hero i get to rock out on a Guitar and act like a rock chick Kaylee x

nimnam said...

by the time you read this, school will be over and it will be the start of half term woo hoo!!!!!! so you'll have plenty of time 2 play on the wii and post plenty of updates on your blog : )
dec cant wait to see you xxx
love naomi xxx