Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Meet George

I'm about to show you some pics and some info of my rabbit.
                    This is how he greets you:

This is full view of him in his hutch: (well not complete view)

This is his straw and bits:

This is his box of toys:

1. He usually has one ear up and the other down.
2. His b'day is on the 31st July.
3.He loves dandylions and lettace.
4. he gets realy grumpy when someone has cleaned out his hutch.

Well thats a little bit more to know about my rabbit, George. 
See ya soon,Charlie.


Lorna May said...

Cool post, he is cute bunny.
well spotted yesterday noticing his cage was undone.

Househund said...

Oh I love George Chalie.. he's a very handsome rabbit indeed. I used to have three.
So glad you did this post.. I was wondering how he was.!

Househund said...

Hi Charlie I left a comment a few days ago. but I think I forgot to save it.
I really love rebbit and used to have 3 at one time.
I think george is really handsome... I remember his picture when was a baby.. so pretty.
Glad to see he's so well looked after.He's a very lucky rabbit!

naomi xx said...

hello charlie, what a great blog page, meeting george, he looks very well looked after. he sounds a bit like our gerbil, we clean it out and put it all nice and tidy and as soon as we put him back in he tips everything over and messes it all up!!!
hey an extra day off school this week, have you got anything planned with mum and dad??? we are going to see squiggle the clown!!!
give alfie a big kiss from me, will be looking on here again soon xx