Saturday, 1 May 2010

Introducing Alfie...

31st March 09: He was born
Sunday 5th April 09: Heel prick
Wednesday 13th May: 6 week check 1:00
Monday 27th July: Rolled over for the first time.
Tuesday 4th August: Tries to sit up.
Thursday 13th August: Giggles when sneezes.
Saturday 29th August: Said Mama.
Sunday 30th August: Found his feet.
Monday 28th September: Rolls front-back-front-back.
Tuesday 6th October:  Sat up byself.
Friday 4th December: 9 mounth check.
Monday 28th December: Sat up/Climb up step.

They were dates from 2009 and i can't put too many on there so next time i will put the 2010 dates on.

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Lorna May said...

He is so lucky to have such a loving BIG bro and he does adore you :)