Sunday, 21 March 2010

A chimp movie

Todays episode is: NO FIVE MINUTES PEACE:

It was one weird day,Chimp was sitting in Cardboard Box Town...when suddenly there was a
SHARK sitting there next to him...
...he moved to Red Chair Land and sat, but suddenly the
SHARK and the GIANT panda were there.. he moved to Red Chair Lane but there was the
SHARK, the BIG panda, Pingu and Iggle Piggle... he moved to Red Chair Street but there was the SHARK Mickey Mouse, Iggle piggle,Thomas, Pingu and BIG Panda...
...evenually every one of them went home apart from the Shark who was chased away by Mr.Vasaline Pot, so Chimp sat down and relaxed.


nimnam said...

ha ha very good blog charlie, daniel is sitting here looking at it with me shouting pingu, iggle piggle!!!! my favourite has got to be mr vaseline pot!!!
enjoy last week at school before easter hols, have u got to make an easter hat???? declan has!!!
love auntie naomi xx

Househund said...

Poor chimp .. it's all go in your house Charlie
It's great to see you using your computer skills along with a great imagination. We could be looking at a future Roald Dalh