Friday, 19 March 2010

Even more patterns on the computer.......and even more jokes...

This is a bowl of chocolate moose.

Now for some jokes:
Why was the Egyptian boy upset?
His Daddy was a Mummy.

What does a monster Mummy say to her kids at lunch?
Don't talk with someone in your mouth.

What feature do witches love having on their computers?
A spell checker .

What does a Vampire get when he drinks too much?
A fangover.

Teacher's worst jokes:
1.How was the naughty train punished?
It had to write railway lines.

2.What disease do art teachers get?

3.Why did the young toad visit the mushroom?
He thought it was a toad-school.

4.Name another flower in the chrysanthemum family.

Keep checking for more because i have 5 jokebooks and over 1000 jokecards.

The letters in the last post don't make a word, you just need to what letters there are.


1 comment:

nimnam said...

cool jokes charlie, you def know better ones than uncle ed he he!!!
we sort of guessed after a while that the letters didnt make a word as we were trying to work it out for ages, i even got edward to try and work it out, and we came to the conclusion you meant alphabetacal order!!!! he he we had fun trying tho!!!
declan has started to collect toonz, they are a bit like gogos, i've got u some to bring when we come to see you, you get 3 in pack!
keep up with the fab blog posts xx