Thursday, 18 March 2010

something a bit crazy.......and MORE

see if you can guess what the letters are and in the right order.

I've got a tungue twister:
She sells seashell's on the seashore
try and say it with no mistakes.

I have a fantastic NEW laptop and so has mum and....
there the SAME.

What did the bat say to the ball?
Catch you later.
What's black and white and red?
Santa falling down the chimnley.
(I made that one up myself )


nimnam said...

cool jokes charlie and we can say she sells sea shells on the sea shore fast, bet i can say it faster than you with no mistakes!!! he he xxxx
please can we have a clue for the puzzle at the top, does it spell something out if you put the letters in order???? if we get it right do we win a prize????
what a fun post, me and dec have enjoyed looking, see u soon love auntie naomi and declan xxx

Lorna May said...

Can we have a clue???
I am totally stuck!
Mum x

Househund said...

What's this.. .a new laptop.
I have missed your birthday Charlie because I know it's not Christmas. What lucky little boy gets a new lap top for no reason.
Or.. have you been esp good.
I'm sorry I just can't make out what the letter are. I can see the word Kid.. but that's all :o(