Saturday, 29 May 2010

old pics of the chicks

you might have seen some of these pics cause some have been on before.
these are pics of other people holding them:
acctuly the one above is of me holding one.

Other pics:

Are'nt  they cute.


Lorna May said...

They are so cute...

Househund said...

Chicks are SOOOOO Cute, don't you think.
Why can't they stay that cute for ever.
Wonder what their doing now????

naomi xxx said...

hi charlie, hope you have had a great week off school enjoying the sunshine...and rain some days unfortunatly!!!!
sorry we didnt get to see you this time, next holidays we'll hopefully see you a few times!!! dec is excited to see you xxxx
will the chicks be gone when you go back school???? they are very very cute!!!!
we are getting given some tadpoles today for our garden, i will get dec to send you a picture.
he is going away on an overnight school trip on the 16th june for one night, he is a bit nervous but excited too!!!!
have fun at school and keep up the blogs, i enjoy reading them while i drink my cuppa!!! bye xxxxx