Thursday, 27 May 2010

yes yes yes yes

I won the victorian project which means 25 house points and as a treat the whole class get a french picnic with french foods.

This following message is for my cousin Declan:
Thanks for the letter with the illustrations.
Its a bit unusual to have 2 scorpians,3 manters and a terrantula.
Would you mind telling me what a manter is?
Hope you all well,  Charlie.

Got to go. Bye.


naomi xx said...

hi charlie i am writing this message for you but dec is gonna tell me what to write as it takes him a very long to auntie nay xxx

to charlie it is a praying mantis and they are all in our library at school, they are all babies. i like the scorpians best. do you like lego man?me and dan are collecting them all. i have got a tooth out at the top and i got 3 pounds for it. bye from declan

Lorna May said...

Well done on your Victorian Project, I know how hard you worked and you deserved it.
I bet you enjoy the French food more than you did the Indian food it's not as spicy and you love French bread. :)
Love MUM

Househund said...

WEll Done Charlie.
So pleased you won
Enjoy the picnic.. bet everyone thinks your really cool in class now!!!