Sunday, 2 May 2010

Questions ?????

I have thought of some questions and I realy want to know the answers (If you know the answer please leave a comment):

Q1.Can you make 'smartie pie'?
  2.Can you eat your best friends toe and not be sick?
  3.Who was the first person to die in a sandpit?
  4.How did God create the Earth when there was nothing there?
  5.What was the first tv cartoon programme created and how many episodes did it have?
  6.Who made notebooks?
  7.Could you jump off a diving board and stay in the air for 2 minutes and 30 seconds?
  8.Could you be killed by a lawnmower?
  9.can you eat the followings 3 tomatos,an ice cream cone,22 teabags with a glass of orange squash and 8 cups of tea?

Some of these questions may sound silly but i'm sure some of them have been done.


Househund said...

I'm afraid I don't have the answers to your questions Charlie.. but if you find them out.. don't forget to post them lol

uncle edward said...

sorry this is the best i could do at short noticed but i hope it answers your questions??

1) if you wear smartie pants??

2) if your best friend is A tom a'toe'

3) Proverb 20:17 " the bread of lying is sweet to a man but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel" so im guessing adam from adam and eve.

4) (Genesis 1:1-2:4a and 2:46 to 2:22)
•On day 1, God created light [day]. Although the sun was universally understood to rule the day, the light of day was not yet understood to actually originate from the sun.
•On the second day, he created the firmament. The firmament was believed to be a solid dome that held up the primeval waters, while the sun, moon and stars would be in the sky below the firmament. The sky literally touched the earth at the horizon and was a solid part of the universe just as much as the earth itself. Interestingly, if we do not believe that the firmament is a physical reality, then nothing was created on the second day.
•On day 3, he gathered the lower waters in one place, and the land appeared. Grasses and trees were created. There was not yet a sun, that we now see as essential for light and warmth, but there was day and night. With day and night in place, plants could thrive.
•On the fourth day, God created the sun; moon and stars. This is much later in the order of creation than science allows.
•On the fifth day, he created fish and all creatures of the air.
•Finally, on the sixth day, God created land animals and man, both male and female.

5) mickey mouse and still running.

6) the apple notebook was invented by adam osborne 1981

the spinal notebook was invented by edward poddsek 1934.

7) yes if it was in space.

8) no but it is a pain in the grass.

9) if i can eat your mums cooking i can eat anything.

hope that helps.