Wednesday, 12 May 2010

They're Here

The chicks are here. These pic's are of the newborn chicks.They're so cute. I got to hold three of them. More news soon.


Househund said...

Oh 'wow Charlie.. these are so cute..
Your very lucky to have had the oppotunity to hold one.

I can't wait to see some more pic's of these.

naomi xx said...

wow, how cute are these???? couldnt you have put one in your pocket for me?????
ahhhh only joing i suppose that would be a bit cruel, but i would still like to hold one like you did xx

naomi said...

guess what.... declans school have just got 24 chick eggs in an incubator that should hatch in about 21 days!!!!
have a great weekend, school hols again soon : )

naomi xx said...

hiya, auntie nay again, all the chicks have hatched at decs school except one!!! he is going to write you a letter to tell you all about the new animals they have in their school library.
he has just seen your pics on here of the chicks at your school and said the brown one looks like the ugly duckling because all the others are yellow!!! see you soon charlie and i will post decs letter when he has finished so you should get in next week one day!!!! I have added a little treat in it for you xxx